B.C. Hedgepath opened the very first Trolly Stop in 1976. The original store is called Station 1, as it was located on the first stop on the trolley line in Wrightsville Beach, and is still located there today. After a year, Mr. Hedgpath sold the store to Ron and Winnie Krueger. Ron and Winnie served hot dogs to the coastal community for the next 19 years, building the brand of hot dogs, fresh ingredients, and it’s mom and pop charm. Keeping the tradition alive, Mr. and Mrs. Krueger sold the Trolly Stop to Rick and JoDeane Coombs in 1996. Rick and JoDeane opened Trolly Stops in Carolina Beach in 1998, Front Street in Historic Downtown Wilmington in 1999 and Southport in 2000. Rick Coombs remains the owner of the Trolly Stop stores after the passing of his wife JoDeane. He has since spread the hot dog love to include a store on Fountain Drive near UNCW in Wilmington!

THE MOM AND POP CHARM, FRESH INGREDIENTS, AND VARIETY OF HOT DOGS HAS SINCE MADE TROLLY STOP FAMOUS. When you walk in, you’re greeted with a smile and a “Hello” and are served food made from fresh ingredients, all made to order. We store make our own chili, coleslaw & baked beans. We use fresh cut tomatoes, onions, green peppers and cucumbers. All condiments are vegetarian with the exception of the all beef chili, and we also offer a soy veggie hot dog. Other hot dogs include 98% fat free Ball Park turkey, all beef Sabrett, and a Carolina pork sausage dog and the original “Trolly Dog”, a traditional beef and pork dog.

The hot dogs have names that have been around for generations, such as the Surfer dog. Your choice of any dog served with mustard, cheese, and Baco bits. Our latest addition is the Mexican Dog. Made with a Carolina pork sausage dog and packed with 3 strips of bacon, salsa, cheese, onions, and jalapenos. The Fountain Drive and Southport locations also serve batter dipped fries and our 7-minute burger. Ice Cream is also available at varying locations. See locations for more information on individual menus.